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Our Programs

A Non Profit Organization

Computer Literacy

Basic Computer Literacy Program

Basic Computer Skills Opens the door to success.


General Education
Development Preparation Program

A High School education opens the door to success.


English as a
Second Language Program

Better English opens the door to success.


Certified Nursing Assistant Exam Preparation Program

A C.N.A License opens the door to success.

Open the door to your potential!

Our Mission

"....Women To Be Teachers of Good Things."

Titus 2:3-5

Self Excel, Inc., aims to enrich the community with skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles, by making the SELF conscious decision to EXCEL over all circumstances. 

Students Success Stories

"I tried many times to pass my GED test myself, but I never passed. Attending this class has not only motivated me to not give up, I now have a better understanding on things that did not make sense to me previously. 

J.L. - Winter Haven

"Self Excel has given me a chance to fulfill my dream of getting my GED."

Y.B.- Winter Haven

"I'm 22 years old and I've been absent from high school for 4-5 years now. Now I'm working to get my GED and this has been a great refreshing learning experience. 

A.M.- Winter Haven

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